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Updates on the Tax Appeals process

1. First appeals are scheduled for Tuesday October 4th and will be held at the Hart County admin/EMS bldg. You will receive a letter with details.

2. You can pick up comparables for your appeal 5 days before the appeal. Go to Cade st. the appraiser's office. It would not hurt to confirm that these are the properties to be used in your appeal. If for some reason, you are given the list of sales for 2021 instead of a specific list of same type, same grade etc. , you might want to sit down with an appraiser and ask that the list be reduced to properties that will be used. Don't be put off if the appraiser says they are not ready.

3. Remember to gather your evidence and make a case using pictures, documents, maps etc. Have a specific value in mind when you appear.

4. All appeals are open to the public. If you should want to sit and watch, check the schedule in the clerks office for times and properties being appealed. Be on time and silent.

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