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Navigating Hart County, GA Property Assessment Challenges and Grading Standards

1. Addressing Property Value Concerns

Last year, many of you filed appeals against your property assessments, hoping to freeze your property values for the next two years. However, contrary to Georgia law, this didn't always happen as expected. Our chief appraiser introduced a new condition – each element of the property had to be detailed in the decision for a value freeze to occur. Consequently, some property values increased instead of staying the same. To ensure your assessment notice and property record align with your expectations, it's essential to double-check. If you encounter any discrepancies or issues, don't hesitate to contact our office at 706-376-3997 or reach out to me at 706-371-0911.

This discrepancy in property values came to my attention when Tony Haynie from the City Council sought clarification. I explained the legal requirement for a freeze, but he received three different responses when he inquired with the office: yes, no, and maybe. I raised this issue with the Board of Assessors during a recent meeting, and although there was no immediate resolution, we're working to address these concerns.

2. Establishing Clear Grading Standards for Your Property

In the long term, it would be immensely helpful to establish a guide or standard that explains what your property grade truly signifies. Property grading is a crucial factor in determining the replacement cost of your property. To this end, HCPOA is committed to creating a pamphlet that includes examples of various property grades. While the office had a similar resource in the past, it seems to have been misplaced during recent transitions.

One starting point for understanding your property grade is your map/parcel information, which includes the property grade on the second page of your property record card. You can easily retrieve this information from Q Public. We welcome any suggestions or input from the community as we work to develop this resource.

Feel free to contact me at with your thoughts and ideas.

Let's work together to address these property assessment concerns and provide clarity on property grading standards.



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