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Attention Hart County Property Owners: Improving House Grading for Accurate Valuation

At Hart County Property Owners Association (HCPOA), we understand the importance of accurate property valuation. To ensure that your house value is evaluated with precision, we're excited to inform you about a new initiative.

1. House Grade Project

HCPOA is currently working on a house-grade project that will simplify the process of evaluating your property's value. This initiative is designed to benefit all property owners in Hart County, and we're committed to making sure your property is accurately assessed.

2. Check Your Property Record Card

Your property record card holds essential information about your property's grade and the effective year it was built. You can find this information on page 2 of your property record card.

3. The Significance of Grade

It's important to understand that your property's grade plays a significant role in determining its value. It acts as a multiplier that can have a substantial impact on your property's assessed worth.

4. Your Action Required

In order to facilitate this process, we kindly request that you e-mail us the two crucial figures from your property record card:

  • The current grade of your house

  • The effective year it was built

Please send this information to us at Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated and will contribute to a more accurate valuation of your property.

At HCPOA, we are dedicated to enhancing the property ownership experience for everyone in Hart County. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to working together to improve our property assessment process.



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