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Board of Commissioners Meeting - March 8

Important to know letter from Lowell Macher, Board Member of Hart County Property Owners Association.

Last night at the BOC meeting, the commissioners approved subdivisions/lots that were grandfathered in before the moratorium. People have 2 weeks to submit so what ever was not approved last night will fall under the new moratorium.

The biggest issue last night was the House Bill 1093 that Allan Powell is sponsoring. The Hart County Board of Commissioners is having a letter sent today from Walter Gordon opposing this legislation. I have attached the house bill. There is a senate bill on this as well. We need to call our representatives opposing this. In essence any ordinance written can be over turned by the state when it come to land use. I do not know all the issues, but its something we should all be concerned about.

Feb 10, 2022 — This bill would preempt municipalities from enacting or enforcing any restrictions on residential rental agreements of over 30 days

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