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Notes from the March 21st Public Meeting

The March HCPOA meeting highlighted an energized presentation on Electric Cars, Energy, and Power Generation by Mike Buckel. Mike is a well practiced, experienced engineer. That showed in his comprehensive research on multiple phases of energy from solar, nuclear, fossil fuel, electrical and battery. While many of the current arguments for battery seem to focus only on output (meager in some cases), Mike highlighted the costs in resources, particular minerals and land, and infrastructure as well as comparable energy outputs. One of his most telling exhibits was his first photo dated around the early 1900's, which showed numerous Detroit electric cars stalled and off the road because of snow: those were all electric. The single moving vehicle was gas powered chugging down the road because of its superior power. We had a good turnout and a very supportive audience with great questions.

Mr. Fogerty, HCPOA President, summarized current ESPLOST yields for February 2022 at $417,000, with a 25 month average of $383,000. Early estimates were around $325,000 per month. This means we may reach the legally established cap of $18,000,000 in ESPLOST funds before the end of 2023, rather than December 2024. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tax holiday for all of 2024. The revenues to the system would be the same as predicted: $18,000,000. By the way, do any of our members know what those funds are for?

Property issues: April 1st is the deadline for submitting your application for Homestead Exemption, if you have not already qualified. You must be a full time resident over 65. Also, it’s time to update your property records for the Property Appraiser’s consideration in establishing a value.

Our membership team of Connie Hamilton and Pat Ranels were very active with new and renewed members. Please join. Membership and Renewal were a pre and post meeting focus. Dues remain at $20 per year for individual and family memberships.

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