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HCPOA September Meeting Recap

The primary highlight of the evening was Mayor Brandon Johnson's address, during which he discussed several critical issues facing both the city and county, including annexation, traffic concerns, crime, and drug-related issues.

Special Guests:

  1. Three candidates for the city council, namely Toy Cynthia Wilkins, Richard Sheller, and Debbie Henry, were present at the meeting, demonstrating their commitment to the community.

  2. The social hour was sponsored by the Dock Depot, and Mark and Tiffany Haltom offered valuable insights into winterization and caring for docks and boats in preparation for the upcoming winter season.

Annexation and City Growth: Mayor Johnson addressed the issue of annexation and emphasized its role in facilitating further development, particularly in areas where sewer availability makes development more appealing. He highlighted that city growth and annexation are natural occurrences driven by economic considerations. However, he stressed the importance of finding a balance between annexing areas that make sense and preserving the sense of community.

Traffic Concerns: The Mayor discussed traffic concerns, particularly at major intersections like Ridge Road and Route 29, indicating that these issues often involve state agencies. Consequently, it is the responsibility of the Department of Transportation (DOT) to take necessary actions. One resident inquired about the possibility of improving Savannah Street from Ridge Road to alleviate traffic heading to the main intersection, with the Mayor acknowledging that this remains a potential option.

Homelessness in Hartwell: The issue of homelessness in Hartwell was raised during the meeting. Mayor Johnson clarified that while there are some homeless individuals in the area, many are transient or temporarily stranded. He emphatically stated that there would not be a homeless shelter in Hartwell, as the city is concerned that creating such a facility might attract more homeless individuals.

Conclusion: The September meeting provided an excellent opportunity for Hart County residents to gain insights into the Mayor's perspective on current city issues. With an impressive turnout and informative discussions, the meeting was considered a success.

Upcoming Meeting: The next HCPOA meeting is scheduled for October 16th. Terrill Partain will provide a brief presentation on the upcoming sales tax renewal, and District Attorney Parks White will discuss relevant legal and criminal issues. All members are encouraged to attend and participate in these important discussions that impact our community.


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