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HCPOA April Meeting Recap

Hart County Property Owners Association proudly hosted Rep Alan Powell at our April Meeting. As usual, Rep Powell was articulate, comprehensive, and well-versed in what happened at the legislature this session.

He emphasized that Georgia is probably the country's most fiscally secure and stable state. The constitutional requirement of a balanced budget and control of borrowing allows the State to take full advantage of the robust economy. That means that the Governor can offer property tax relief to property owners, fully fund QBE, and add salary increases to teachers, first responders, law enforcement officers, and other significant organizations.

Additionally, the legislature passed a bill that requires each school to have an approved safety plan that involves local law enforcement officials. Another bill of interest to lake property owners was the requirement of wakeboarders and their boats to remain at least 200' away from shore, docks, and other boats. Enforcement is by the DNR.

The social hour preceding the meeting allowed us to interact with Rep Powell and Jeff Brown, Country Financial Agency owner and 4th district commissioner, who sponsored the social hour and provided ample refreshments. All were well received by the attendees.

The May meeting will be on Monday the 15th, featuring a presentation on electric vehicles and their effects on the grid and the economy, both local and national, and a preview of what may be coming to the tax digest and property assessments. Social hour begins at 6:30.

Become an HCPOA Member

Membership in HCPOA provides:

  • A united voice for citizen participation in assuring fair and equitable taxation for all residents of Hart County.

  • Regular monthly meetings with featured speakers, special topics, and sharing of relevant information.

  • Email communication to keep you up to date and informed about Hart County.

  • Periodic special sessions provide members with information about topics of interest in Hart County

  • Assistance concerning property taxation issues and other matters affecting Hart property owners.

  • Excellent networking and socializing opportunities each month at the regular meetings.

Our profile and influence will continue to grow as we gain more members. We welcome your interest and involvement.


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