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Hartwell City Council Meeting - Monday November 7 at City Hall

For many of us, the growth in the City of Hartwell has been something that we all have thoughts, ideas and valid concerns about. Tomorrows City Council Meeting will have the First Reading of a new annexation into the city that may be of great concern to the residents of Hartwell. Please take time out of your day tomorrow and show up at 6pm at the Hartwell City Hall. The main concern is this planned residential development has not gone through the Planning and Zoning Committee yet it appears that they are still planning on moving forward with the process of annexing the 274 acres necessary to allow the developer to move forward with his plans. Click BELOW to see the documents and information as it stands today. Thank you.... We look forward to seeing a large audience in support of the City of Hartwell residents......

Petition for Annexation into the City of Hartwell on Liberty Hill Rd and Fairview Ave
Download PDF • 8.91MB


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