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Hart County School Board Meeting July 11, 2022

On Monday night the School Board had their monthly meeting at the Administration Building. This was Jennifer Carter’s first meeting as our Superintendent. As you can see there were many items on the agenda for the school board to consider. The one item that was of interest to property owners was addressed to the board from our own Bill Fogerty, President of the HCPOA. He requested to address the board in the public comment section at the beginning of the meeting. You must formally request this prior to the meeting to be called on. He only had 3 minutes, as that is the law of the school boards in Georgia, to only allow the community, to publicly address board. The questions were asked of the board to address in the days and weeks to come.

  1. How did the board conclude that it needed to buy land on Bowman highway?

  2. Was this discussed in the public sector before an offer was made?

  3. Was there any representation from a realtor, and was one involved in the transaction?

  4. What will the land be used for?

  5. With the high cost of building and real estate cost was this the best time to purchase this property.

  6. Who was involved in deciding that this was the property to purchase and why?

  7. Were there any other properties considered?

  8. What was the price agreed on to purchase?

These were some of the questions that property owners of Hart County had and Bill was able to ask those the other night. Now we will see if the board addresses those questions in the coming days or weeks.

Other items on the agenda were an update from David Seagraves the Facilities director. He reported on the SPLOST funds that have been coming in and how well they have exceeded, what was to be expected in the 5 years of collections. He was also proposing that there was plenty of money available for the next projects the school board decides on.

Brooks Mewborn reported on the curriculum items that would be used for the upcoming school year.

Many other issues were addressed in New Business such as Policy’s that were amended or revised concerning complaints, Parent’s Bill of Rights, and unstructured break times.

There were other items under Consent Agenda, such as Surplus items, Facility use requests and Field trip request.

The superintendents report included Nutrition Information, Risk Hazard Assessment, Safety and Security update, school supplies, new teacher orientation and convocation.

The school board went into executive session to discuss personnel and students. The superintendent made recommendations of personnel and out of district students.

The meeting adjourned around 7:00 pm

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