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Hart County Chamber Update - August 15th 2022

The Hart County Property Owners Association began its August meeting with a visit and exciting presentation by Lindsey Ingle, the Executive Director of the Hart County Chamber of Commerce. Ms Ingle discussed the many features of the chamber through a well designed and practical slide show. She included a nice drone visit to the Gum Branch park and mega ramp. She also talked about the upcoming holiday events the chamber sponsors like the Christmas tree lighting, the parade, and the new festival of lights on Depot Street. Well done.

Next Bill Fogerty continued his session on"Assessments, appraisals, and Appeals" focusing on appeals strategy and construction and presentation of evidence to the board of equalization. Several hart county property members volunteered that they had met with appraisers and actually reduced their valuations significantly: one specifically had his value lowered about $60,000. It does not hurt to review your property record card and visit with an appraiser if some items require some explanation. Merely asking an appraiser how the appraisal value was figured can always be educational. Fogerty noted that even though a property owner has returned the appeal, there is plenty of time to visit the office for questions or explanations. Appeal hearings are not likely to begin until after Labor Day.

One item that has occurred a couple of times is the year built date of a structure like the residence. That should be the year in which it was finished. The value is figured at per cent of completion as of 1 January 2022 even if the appraiser visits the property later in the year. Plan ahead for the next year if necessary.

Next meeting is September 19th, 7pm lower level of library. Bring a friend. Visit our website

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