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February 2024 HCPOA Meeting Recap

The recent Hart County Property Owners Association (HCPOA) meeting on Monday, Feb. 19, 2024, showcased two experienced presenters: Magistrate Judge Thomas J. Jordan and Hart County Supervisor of Elections Robin Webb.

Judge Jordan delved into the historical context and functions of the magistrate judge role, emphasizing it as "the court of first resort." He highlighted its limited jurisdiction and non-recorded nature, describing it as a simplified, bench trial-focused court without a jury. Over the past year, the Hart County Magistrate Court, under Jordan's leadership, issued 1345 arrest warrants and collected around $100,000 in fees and fines. Notably, less than ten percent of the court's workload consists of criminal cases, with the majority being civil cases. The magistrate operation is efficiently run by Jordan, along with two full-time staff members and one part-time staff member.

In a comprehensive presentation, Robin Webb updated HCPOA on the upcoming election season. Webb detailed the arrangements, stating that there would be 51 days of early voting at the Hart County Board of Elections location on Cade St. Additionally, all seven precinct locations in Hart County will be open for the primary dates and the final election in November. Webb explained the machine certification of vote totals, highlighting the mandatory audit by the Georgia Secretary of State for each state contest. Hart County will conduct a thorough pre-certification hand count for such contests, and all counts will be open to the public.

Webb also brought attention to the relocation of Hart County to Georgia's tenth congressional district this year, necessitating a new congressional representative, as current Congressman Andrew Clyde will move to the ninth district. For individual voter information, she directed attendees to


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