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Capt Cephus McRae Shares Fishing Secrets

The May meeting for HCPOA was a departure from our normal topics. We decided to go fishing! We invited Hartwell's own Captain Cephus McRae of Nuts and Bolts Fishing. And wow, was he good! He brought his own boat, his fishing dog Buck, lots of rods, equipment and lures. He provided a very complete and motivating power point video presentation deciphering the "nuts and bolts" of Lake Hartwell fishing. Focus was on strippers and bass; how to find them and what to do when you do. He also gave a good description of their habitats and habits. Water temperatures are key for our summer fishing.

This was an extremely riveting evening; one which held the full audience enthralled and provided a good "Question and Answer" session afterword. It's hard to to miss his big white boat w/dual 250's and Shearwater on the sides. Stop him if you see him gassing up. He lives in the Reed Creek area. You can also catch him on HTC Channel 3 and Fox Sports or his website: A great meeting and energetic audience.


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