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BOE's Budget Available For Review Now

Today, ~2 business days ahead of the public meeting at which plans to approve it have been announced, the Hart County Board of Education (BOE) made available for review its FY 25 Tentative Budget and Budget Documents at the following website:

Per previous HCPOA email blasts / blog posts and Community Events notices in The Hartwell Sun, the BOE called a meeting for 5pm this Monday, May 13 to review the tentative budget and receive public comment thereon, and will hold their regularly scheduled monthly meeting @ 6pm to approve it.

If you wish to review, please be sure to click the "FY25" links on that page. The FY24 Budget appears in a window on that page without requiring a click, but that's not what they'll be reviewing, taking public comments on, and approving at Monday night's meetings -- see image below:

The meetings will be held @ HCBOE's offices @ 284 Campbell Drive, Hartwell.

When asked, "What is the process for speaking before or during the FY25 tentative budget meeting?  Similar to the monthly meeting, is there a form we need to submit to speak and what is the deadline requirement for submitting the form?", the BOE's Grayson Williams answered: "After the budget review, the public will have the opportunity to provide feedback. There is no form to complete. Here's an example of what will be said: Members of the public will be given the opportunity to provide feedback regarding the FY25 tentative budget. Comments need to be succinct and relevant to the agenda item."

Meeting announcements reprinted below, courtesy of The Hartwell Sun:



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