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Update on Woodlake Landing Development

I have attached the plans as of now. Though, they do not look bad on paper, they have not followed any of the City Approvals for the development. They are still looking at 4 attached units where the City approved 8 separate units. Not all bad, but then they are going to do septic tanks rather than tap into the City Sewer. That is not so bad except, what was the point of going to the city to get annexed. Now whoever buys those townhouses will pay city and county taxes with no city amenities. Just does not make sense and seems to be poor planning. Charlene Lee is now waiting to see if the health department will approve the septic tanks. Also this will need to go back to the city planning board for approval since it is different than what was approved by the city.

Also, this is Charlene Lee, the realtor who is supposed to be the builder and who is

helping Sharif Farhan, owner of Downtown Cafe’ and the owner of the property on

Woodlake landing.


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