Hart County Property Owners

Most of you have received tax assessment notices for your property for 2021 taxes.

1.  These notices establish the values on your property developed by the county

      appraisal staff.  Specific details for each property will be found on the property

      record card available from the office.

2.  The millage rates noted are those in effect for the 2020 tax year.  As you can see,   

      the total millage was 19.366 with 13.156 (67.9%) for the Board of Education

      and 6.21 (32%) for the Board of Commissioners.

3.  The new millage rates will be established after the digest is approved by the

      state.  The estimated tax figure comes from the new assessment and the past

      millage rate.

4.  Last day to file an appeal is 8/5/21.

If there is any way in which HCPOA can be of assistance, please contact us.

Bill Fogerty, President

Hart County Property Owners’ Association