Property Owners’ Association urges residents to vie for boards’ positions

By Vivian Morgan, Editor, The Hartwell Sun, February 22, 2018

​Two Hart County Board of Education seats and two Hart County Board of Commissioners seats are up for grabs this

The Hart County Property Owners’ Association wants to make sure qualified people are placed in those seats.

“ We need people who are experienced with leading a large company or enterprise,” said newly elected POA
president Mike B u c k e l .

“ A school is a $35 million enterprise. As long as I have been going there, there has never been anybody who
has been any type of manager.”

Buckel went on to say that he doesn’t feel the school board provides transparency.

“The BOC does a far better job of transparency,” Buckel said. “The BOC has debates

during their meetings and some of them are heated, but it’s all out there, as far as we know. They invite the audience
to participate and they listen to what they have to say. None of that happens with the schoolboard. The school board needs transparency, management and people who have ideas on how to improve education. We need academic excellence. That’s why we want some fresh blood.”

Qualifying for the general election will be held March 5 - 9 at the Hart County Board of Elections and Registration at
182 Cade St., Suite B.

The seats that are up for grabs on the BOE are districts 2 and 4, which are currently occupied by Matthew Honiotes
and Richard Sutherland, respectively.

On the BOC, districts 2 and 4 are up for election. Those seats currently belong to Commissioner Frankie Teasley and
Commissioner Ricky Carter, respectively.

The POA is encouraging its members and other members of the community to think of

qualified individuals who can run for these seats.

Also during its regular meeting Monday night, the POA elected new board members. They include Buckle, Pat
Ranels, David Sewell, Connie Hamilton, Terry Chenweth, Dottie Williams and Bill Fogerty.

For the first time in eight years, Garry Hamilton is not serving as president of the POA.

The POA also encouraged homeowners to come out to its March 19 meeting, which will focus on lake-related issues.

Guest speakers include Stan Simpson with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Joel Katz, chief of staff for Doug Collins; and a staff officer from Johnny Isakson’s office.

​Election Qualifying Begins at 9 a.m., March 5 Ends at noon, March 9
182 Cade St., Suite B