Revaluations begin Oct. 23.

The Hartwell Sun October 17, 2012

Lake Morris, Staff writer

The Hart County Board of Assessors continued work on its policy and procedures manual during its regular meeting Oct. 17.

“We are still working for approval at our December meeting,” board member Bill Capie said. “I suggest everyone look through the second draft to make sure we have everything we want before the work session.” The board will hold a work session to discuss the policy and procedures manual Nov. 6.

Also, the board announced the staff from the appraisal office will begin the physical revaluation Oct. 23. In a public notice, the staff will be visiting Hartwell city limit parcels in person.

Visited areas will be posted on the appraisers website and will be conducted on the first of each month.

The appraisers will travel in county vehicles, wear county-issued identification badges and knock on the door to let the residents know they are at the property. A door hanger will be left if no one is home.

Residents with questions are encouraged to contact the office at 706-376-3997.

In other business, the board reported the final appeals for the Board ofEqualization, barring any court cases, are set forOct., 22.

The board also upheld three automobile appeal cases, as well as approve a conservation use penalty breach and a conservation release.

The next regular meet-ing is Nov. 20