Patrick Presents Revaluation Plan

The Hartwell Sun September 19, 2013, Lake Morris, Staff Writer


Hart County chief appraiser Wayne Patrick presented goals and methods for the next county revaluation during the Board of Assessor’s meeting Wednesday.

​The Hart County Assessor’s office will be doing the revaluation in-house instead of contracting it out to a firm, with the goal of saving the county money.

“The main goal is not to put more money on the digest,” Patrick said. “The goal is to have the best information possible for an accurate appraisal, taking into account both the positives and negatives.

”Patrick said the plan is to do the revaluation from 2014 to 2016.“We will begin work at the start of the 2014 digest year. We expect to be done when we send out 2016 assessment notices,” he said.

​The process will be broken down into three phases.

The first phase will look at all properties in the city limits inside the county during 2014.

​Phase two is projected to begin in 2015, and revalue all rural properties. The final phase is projected for 2016 and will revalue all subdivisions

.“Whichever property class we started we wanted to make sure we were finished by the time we sent assessment notices out for that year,” Patrick said. 

​Chairman Lowell Macher did question that timeline.

“How do you know that in 2015 you still won’t be halfway through the rural properties?”

​Patrick responded, saying, “we don’t know. We want to try our best to start that project and finish it. If it works out where we can have two teams out, we feel we can do that.”

In other business, Patrick reported that the appeal process is in the closing stages. Currently, 112 cases have either been resolved, withdrawn or are inactive, with one case still active.

​There are also 194 cases that are currently being heard by the Board of Equalization. Those reviews are expected to be completed by mid-October.

Also, board member Dr. Bill Capie updated the status of the upcoming policy and procedures manual.

“We are looking to have a complete product by November to have a called work session, and then vote by our regular November meeting,” Capie said.

​The next regular meeting is Oct. 16.