Highlights of March 18, 2013 Meeting


(This meeting is the first of a three-part series on issues affecting Lake Hartwell and the Savannah River.) 'Ms. Tonya Bonitatibus, Executive Director and Ms. Marci Cannon, Development Director, of Savannah Riverkeeper, Augusta, GA, discussed the health and environment of the entire Savannah River watershed.  Ms. Bonitatibus discussed the complexities, problems, and industries beginning in the upper watershed to the 4th largest port by volume in the United States.  While the Savannah is 4th most toxic river in the US, it supports about 110 species of fish and supplies potable water to several cities.  She discussed many issues, including contaminants from farming, high levels of mercury, dissolved oxygen levels, riverbank erosion and cave-ins, waste released into the river, harbor deepening issues and its effect on the aquifer, and saltwater intrusion.