Highlights of June 20, 20213 Meeting

The meeting topic was Charter School System.  Speakers were Dr. Sherrie Gibney-Sherman, State of GA Charter School consultant, and Jerry Bell, Superintendent of Hart Co Schools.  Georgia law requires all school districts to select a new operating system from 3 options:  1) a charter system, 2) an investing in educational excellence system, or 3) remain status quo.  Hart County is considering a charter school system and our guests spoke on the procedure to become a charter school system. Dr. Gibney-Sherman is a facilitator working with Hart County to understand and guide the county in the specifics of becoming a charter school system.  Specific points to the charter system:
1.  A charter or agreement must be developed between our local and State Board of Education departments complying with the State charter for all schools.
 2.  Accountability measures are increased; and schools must meet academic goals.  
3.  School Boards must develop a 5 year strategic plan and adopt a budget.  Our county application and corresponding data must be finalized for State approval by November 1, 2013 for July 01, 2014 implementation.

​Hart County has established leadership teams to determine needs, establish goals, and secure funding to achieve these goals.  One goal is to establish a career academy so our graduates are prepared to continue not only in academic but technical and vocational endeavors.  The purpose is that our students not only meet but exceed educational goals.