Following was received from Lake Hartwell Association.  There is some new information concerning the lake irrigation issue that may be of interest to owners of lake property.

Dear LHA Members,
The following Fact Sheet released by the Corps Atlantic Division does not change the irrigation issue, but does make clear the fact that it is still being reviewed.  In the meantime permit holders may irrigate lawns and gardens, and new permits may be granted.  Please note the caution regarding new investments in new or improved systems.
Please also note that the Corps' current Hartwell Lake Shoreline Management Plan has reached its life span and will be totally updated and reissued in 2017.  This process will include opportunities for public review and comment based on a plan and schedule now being prepared by the Corps.  The Lake Hartwell Association will play a key role in representing its membership in this interaction with the Corps.  We should all be thinking about shoreline management issues that we feel should be considered for changing.  It is likely that the irrigation issue will become part of that process, thus a final irrigation policy may not be in place until the new plan is issued.  Members will be advised of details regarding timelines and how to submit suggestions as soon as the Corps' revision plan becomes available.
June 27, 2016
The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), South Atlantic Division (SAD) considers a minor water withdrawal of water from a reservoir managed by SAD for residential consumptive uses such as lawn irrigation or other minor non-potable water uses.  We are updating our policy regarding such minor water withdrawals.  We have implemented an interim policy pending our final determination.  Our current interim policy is outlined below:

SAD will continue to issue new and renew existing minor water withdrawal real estate licenses.  The licenses will include the following notice of risk:

"Landowners adjacent to the lake are advised the minor water withawals for use beyond the dock area are under further review and may ultimately not be allowed.  Landowners adjacent to the lake considering any new investment to withdraw water from the lake are cautioned that they are proceeding at their own risk until the review is concluded and a policy is determined."

Dock and floating walkway owners are allowed to withdraw water for the purpose of cleaning the dock or walkway.  Water withdrawal for water use only in the floating facility are and not on the adjacent land is allowed.  This does not require a real estate license, but will be notated on the shoreline use permit for the floating facility. 

ABOUT South Atlantic Division: The Corps of Engineers' South Atlantic Division oversees military and water-resources design, construction, and operations in the eight states in the Southeast, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.  Serving 11 major Army posts and 13 Air Force bases, the division builds barracks, hospitals, office buildings, commissaries, and other facilities to meet the needs of the American military. Thirty-three multiple-purpose projects in the Southeast provide citizens with flood control, hydroelectric power, water supply, recreation, navigation, and wildlife enhancement.  The South Atlantic Division operated and maintains more than 6,000 miles of federal navigable channel and 29 major harbors in the region.  The division also has a growing environment-restoration workload, including the Everglades Restoration in South Florida and Mississippi Coastal Improvements Program.
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