Corps Meeting was Huge Success

                              Letter to the Editor, The Hartwell Sun, April 5, 2018


An impressive turnout of Hart County property owners heard from an Army Corps of Engineers hydrologist Stan Simpson from Savannah and the local shoreline project manager in Hartwell Sandy Campbell on Monday night March 19. Clearly lake issues are always on everybody’s mind. Extra chairs were needed
in the literacy center – close to standing room only.

Mr. Simpson outlined basic corps policies for water use, flow, and storage. He reviewed progress on the new
drought management plan which hopefully will result in higher levels of water retention in

the two Northern reservoirs. It should be signed by the first of 2019.

Mr. Simpson also answered questions forwarded to him preceding the meeting and was willing to field questions from the floor on a variety of issues.

HCPOA will post Mr. Simpson’s power point on our website, available for download.

A number of former members renewed, and we gained a solid group of new members. Thank you all. Stay involved.

We were appreciative of the presence of two Hart County elected officials, Ricky Carter of the BOC and Matthew Honiotes of the BOE. There is always an element of politics and economics in these issues,
and it would be beneficial 
for the other local officials from BOC, city, and BOE to attend. Support from city, county, and BOE is important and certainly noticed by our federal representatives.

Understandably, both of our state officials (Mr. Powell and Mr. Jackson) were in session in Atlanta, but we should not overlook the state role in water management.

The old adage “The solution to pollution is dilution” points directly to the state control of effluent released into the river as well as the permitting process that takes water out. Both of which effect flow. The states of Georgia and South Carolina have mandates which set flow levels at

​various points South. All of these factors affect lake levels.

We hope to highlight these state level issues in the future and involve our state representatives.

It was also important that both senators and our congressmen realized the value of active participation, and their representatives were in attendance. They are the conduits to those elected officials and should be

contacted if you have any questions for them on water or other issues.

Their phone numbers and email addresses are on the website.  (See Resources)

Joel Katz (Collins)
Andrew Seaver (Perdue)
Brad L. Williamson

HCPOA has also contacted Senator Isakson’s staff to schedule a meeting with the senator. We

are on the appointment list, but the senator’s health has been a factor.

The lake is at full pool, and we all hope that will remain the case for most of the summer. Certainly the water level affects visitors and property values to say nothing of the businesses that support water related enterprises.

William K. Fogerty
HCPOA Board of Directors