January 16, 2017           My List of Wishes for Hart County in 2017

                                      Speaker:  Tom Hardigree of Channel 3 Back Talk Live


February 20, 2017         SPLOST 5 Expected in November

                                       What Infrastructure Projects Would You Support?

                                       Speaker:  Sheriff, Mike Cleveland.  Topic:  Need for new jail.

March 20, 2017              What is a County Comprehensive County Plan?

                                       How Might it Affect Our Future?

                                       How Can Citizens Get Their Ideas Heard?

                                       Speaker:  Adam Hazell, Georgia Mountain Regional Commission

April 17, 2017                This is Our Money

                                        How did the school accumulate so much above the legal limit?

                                        Presentation by HCPOA Board.


May 15, 2017                  How did the School Accumulate the Oversize Fund Balance?

                                        Why has the Fund Balance Gone Down Recently?

                                        What’s to Like and Not Like in the Proposed School Budget?

                                        What will be the Impact of the New Georgia School Transparency

                                               Law, HB 139?

                                        Presentation by HCPOA Board.


June 2017                        June 5, 2017  Hosted public meeting with Representative Doug                                                   Collins.’


July 17, 2017                   How Well Does Hart County’s Board of Education Measure Up

                                              to State Guidelines?

                                         Presentation by HCPOA Board.


August 21, 2017              District Attorney, Parks White

                                         Topic:  What Could a State Court Bring to Hart County?

                                         Could it be Self Sustaining?


September 18, 2017          Presentation and Discussion of Upcoming SPLOST 5.

                                          Speakers:  Joey Dorsey, Chairman, Board of Commissioners

                                                            Marshall Sayer,  Board of Commissioners

                                                            Terrell Partain, County Administrator


October 16, 2017               Presentation and Discussion of Upcoming SPLOST 5.

                                           Speakers:  Brandon Johnson, Mayor of Hartwell

                                                            Terrell Partain, County Administrator


November 2017                  No meeting.    (Thanksgiving.)      


December 2017                   No meeting.     (Christmas holidays.)