Highlights of November 17, 2014 Meeting

Board Member, Mike Buckel, began the meeting by thanking everyone who supported the HCPOA efforts to inform the public of the November 2014 ESPLOST 4 ballot issues.  He advised HCPOA encourages the HC Board of Education to implement full transparency in all their policies and practices.  HCPOA will continue to observe BOE operations and advise the membership of new developments. Mike concluded with his introduction of our speaker, Dr. William Capie, Chairman of the Hart County Board of Assessors.


Dr. Capie presented a program entitled Assessor’s Plan to review Lake Property.  He introduced Hart County Chief Appraiser Wayne Patrick and Shane Hix, Associate Chief Appraiser.  Dr. Capie began his program with a slide presentation of changes, accomplishments and problem resolution.  Digests for prior years were completed; billing issues were resolved, and regaining of public trust was paramount.  


He continued explaining that Boards of Assessors use “mass appraisal.”  This means the use of “sets” of appraisals rather than individual properties.  To accomplish this, the Board developed a method to value sets of properties efficiently.  The purpose was to develop a data base that clearly defined lot data uniformly throughout the county.  Classifications for subdivisions of lake properties and rural lake lots were defined by class.  Lake subdivisions were identified and grouped by their class definition.  The main concept is to group similar parcels of property by use of class definitions and schedules to transition values uniformly.  Dr. Capie concluded by inviting Chief Appraiser, Wayne Patrick, to comment and answer any questions.


Mr. Patrick advised the continuing development of a sound tool to base mass appraisal structure avoids large, unexpected assessment changes as have occurred in past years.  Reviews will be completed on a timely basis and should avoid any need to require an outside firm to do costly evaluations.  He advised his staff has revalued every year by taking sales for every land class of property and applying that information to achieve proper values.  He explained the purpose of better defining their schedules and documentation is to apply market changes properly.


Mr. Patrick commended his team for their hard work and perseverance to make uniform and accurate assessments.   Dr. Capie stated he is proud they have regained public trust and their willingness to answer questions and solve problems.  Dr. Capie and Mr. Patrick concluded their presentation by answering questions and summing their commitment to better serve Hart property owners.


President Hamilton thanked Dr. Capie, Mr. Patrick, and his team for their presentation and hard work to achieve positive changes in the assessment process.  He reminded members now is the time to advise the assessor’s office of any changes in their property.  This is done by completing a Return of Property form and submitting it to the Board of Assessors by April 01.