Hart County Property Owners’ Assoc.

 Summary of the November 18 Meeting

 Our guest this month was Anthony Davis, Hartwell Chief of Police.   He was supported by Lt. Ed Starks.  The topic was holiday safety, from driving, to shopping center parking lot, to inside the store.  One of the most dangerous traffic issues in Hartwell is making a left turn onto Franklin St.  With increased holiday traffic this maneuver is even more risky.  You can use the center, left turn lane to help merge into traffic, but for only 300 feet.  Watch out for left turners already using that lane.  The Hartwell police issue citations on only about 1/3 of traffic stops.  There are no warnings for DUI, suspended license, outstanding arrest warrant, or asking the officer, “Is this all you have to do?”

 Ladies, in the parking lot watch your purse.  There are people sitting in the lot waiting for someone to load their packages with their purse still in the buggy.  During this season keep a sharp lookout for suspicious characters and don’t leave the keys or anything of value inside the car.  Pick pockets and purse snatchers roam the inside of crowded stores.

 The important take away is BE ALERT.

In other news, it was learned that only Doug Collins met with Lt. General Holland to get the outrageous dock fee increase postponed.  Please send Doug a thank you email, note or letter.  We surely appreciate his good work on our behalf.   We will probably be hearing more about this issue in the coming year.

 WOTUS, Waters of the United States.  This was known as the “great water grab” by the EPA and Corps when announced in 2015.  It was to put essentially every drop of water in the US under their control including, private property, swamps and temporary water after rain.  This issue was at the root of the Corps’ attempt to withdraw our irrigation permits .  This rule has been in the courts since its announcement.  The good news is IT HAS BEEN CANCELED.  Rules in effect prior to 2015 will continue to be the law of the land.

 We will not have a meeting in December.  The plan for January is to have an introduction to the new voting machines.  You will able to vote on the sample machine at the January 20 meeting.  The first election of 2020 will be in March for the Presidential Primary’s.   So plan on being with us.