We had another good meeting with our guest speaker, Brandon Pierce our Game Warden.  He is one of two DNR officers assigned to Hart County.  The boating season is in full swing, almost a month early because the lake is full, the weather is good and gas prices are low.   The biggest problems he encounters on the lake is wake related issues, violation of the 100 ft. from docks rule, and the no wake zones, mostly by wave runners.  Many of these problems have been around the Cleveland Boat Ramp with the narrow channel and numerous docks.  DUI violations are the second concern with the problem being greatest with young adults, not youths.  He suggested that if you see violators take a photo and send it to him and he will try to run it down. 

The recently closed deer and turkey seasons were mostly uneventful except for the usual taking of more than the limit.  The Georgia deer population is increasing so the State will allow more antlerless deer to be taken this year.  Too many young bucks are being taken reducing the future population of mature (big antler) deer.  Rabies and distemper continue to be problems with racoons, skunks and possums.  The bobcat population is increasing in the County.  Their big attraction chicken houses.  The coyote population is also increasing and they are fair game year-around with no limit.  The only limit is no hunting from a vehicle or road, no license is required.  At least 8 bears live in Hart County, maybe more this spring.

Snakes can only be legally killed if they are venomous, leave the non-venomous snakes alone.  Wild hogs are a growing problem in the County, mostly in farm areas, but not so much around the lake.  Wild hogs can be taken at any time with no bag limit, however a small game license is required.


Brandon can be reached at:  229-539-8306 and

The DNR web sites are:  goboatgeorgia  and gohuntgeorgia


HOPE TO SEE ALL OF OUR MEMBERS AT THE JUNE 17 MEETING.  Since most of our members are in a suburban environment, our speaker will be  JOHN SHEAROUSE a Certified Arborist.  He will discuss sensible landscape solutions that are compatible with our weather conditions, are attractive and manageable.  This is the kind of guidance that one could not normally get without consulting fees.