Summary of March 19 HCPOA Meeting

We had a great turnout for the meeting with many membership renewals and new members.  Special thanks to local elected officials that attended; Ricky Carter and Matt Honiotes.

The meeting featured Stan Simpson the Chief Hydrologist of the Savanna River Corps Project Office.  Also featured were Sandy Campbell of the  Hartwell Dam Office and representatives of Senators: David Perdue, Andrew Seaver; and Johnny Isakson, Brad Williamson; and Congressman: Doug Collins, Joel Katz.

Stan's presentation included the new water management plan that is expected to be finalized later this year.  When it becomes operational we can expect water levels to increase by about two feet on average during drought conditions.  He explained the Guide Curves that govern the Corps water release decisions and their effectiveness during drought conditions.  Water is released in attempting to match the guide curves.  Water is never released just to generate electricity.  Except when testing the spillways and during flood conditions, all water released generates power.  The reason the lake is full now is because: we have had adequate rainfall, the release rate is reduced in winter, and there was a transmission line failure in November so dam power could not be accepted.  The shortfall was made up by pumping more from Lake Russel and purchasing alternative power at a cost penalty to the utilities (customers) of about $20M.  The bad news is that the lake will probably start to drop in May unless we get more rain.

Sandy reported that the new Shoreline Management Plan will be released early next year and no major changes are planned.

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