Our guest speaker was Terrell Partain, Hart County Administrator and Director of the EMS.  He was truly a breath of fresh air as he conveyed considerable good news.  County Administration is working on next year’s budget.  No increase in property tax rate is expected.  There will be an increase in services; however, the increased digest will cover these costs.  Insurance is expected to increase, but they have that covered.

            EMS has 31 full time employees that are rated as Advanced EMT and Paramedics.  The EMS will soon open two new substations, Gold Mine and Cross Roads.  Currently 4½ trucks are staffed full time, three shifts.  They have responded to 270 calls so far this month.  Service is provided to the hospital that best meets your situation, unless you specify another facility.  Greenville is the closest Category 1 hospital with Anderson and Athens being Category 2.  Anderson is 20 minutes closer than Athens.

            When Terrell took over, the mortally rate for trauma cases was over 60%.  He convinced the Commissioners to spend money on advanced training and equipment that has lowered the mortally rate to 5% over the last 4 years.  His frustrations are people that call 911 that do not need any kind of treatment and his inability to collect fees from many people in Hart County.  They do recover about $1.2 million/year applied over and above his $2 million budget.

            He advised us to call 911 on our cell phones and get registered in the system.  Your land line already provides the information as to address.  Give them any health information as to allergies to medicine and where you hide a key to your house.  If you need help, they will come in and having a key reduces the stress on your door.  This information is not shared with anyone and will reduce the time required to get you help.