We had a large turnout for our speaker, District Attorney Parks White.  He demonstrated how new technologies are aiding the prosecution of criminals.  He showed videos from dash cams on police cars and body cams showing pursuits and events as they unfolded.  These were supplemented with Google satellite images of the scene of the incidents.  These were folded into presentations that were presented to jurors during trial.


He showed three incidents, first a high-speed chase ending in a crash at the Carnesville exit off I-85 resulting in the death of the female riding in the perpetrator’s car.  Both were on Meth and alcohol.  The second was a traffic stop that resulted in the shooting of two police officers at the Zaxby’s in Lavonia.  An extended chase on the ground including around St. Mary’s hospital finally concluded with the capture of the shooter.  The third was a murder in South Carolina where the body was placed in a car near Lavonia and burned.


All the criminals are serving long terms in prison.  Parks stated that 80% of all violent crimes involve drugs, with Meth being the biggest problem.  It is no longer being made locally, but imported from Mexico.  Even though all of the above crimes involved South Carolina, that state refused to prosecute, leaving it up to Georgia.


Next Month March 18, we will continue our “State of Hart County” theme with the Sheriff Mike Cleveland,  County Commissioner Marshal Sayers and Chairman Board of Elections Garry Hamilton.  We hope to see many of you there.