The April meeting was the third of our “State of Hart County” series.  Our featured speaker was Jeff English, Vice President St. Mary’s Hospital.


            Mr. English provided a Power Point presentation describing the improvements implemented since St. Mary’s took over the hospital from Ty Cobb.  Improvements are continuing as more people avail themselves of the services offered.  The hospital is on a sound financial footing.  Doctors and services are added as demands and financing allows.  A total of 56 beds are available and on average only 40 are utilized.  Of interest to us was his suggestion that in an emergency, especially strokes, it is imperative to get to a hospital as soon as possible.  At this time heart attack and serious trauma services are not available at St. Mary’s.  Jeff answered all the questions posed and did not try to evade or minimize the seriousness of the question.


            Garry Hamilton, Director of Hart County Board of Elections, gave a brief presentation on the new Georgia voter laws.  The law requires new voting machines and the state is currently receiving proposals from various vendors.  We hope to have an election in November using the new machines as the Federal elections of 2020 will not be a good time to sort out new machines and procedures.  The new machines will not count your vote, but will print out your ballot for your review.  If correct you will insert it into a tabulator that counts your votes and drops the ballots into a vault.  The paper ballots can be used for recounts.


            Bill Fogerty reported on his review of the documents made available by the school system, developed for the application of Federal funds.  The documents are 69 pages and the public is allowed two, two hour sessions for review.


            The May meeting will feature Mr. Brandon Phillips, Enforcement Officer, Georgia Department of Natural Resources. He is responsible for issues on Lake Hartwell.  He is knowledgeable about regulations and conditions concerning hunting, fishing, boating, wildlife and problems dealing with deer, coyotes, beaver, geese, etc.  Sportsmen hunting and fishing around and on the lake should attend and bring your questions.


            We hope to see you at the May 20 meeting.