Highlights of Meeting on September 19, 2016

President, Garry Hamilton introduced the first speaker of the evening, Ron Osburn, Commander of the Golden Corner Lakes Power Squadron which is a unit of the United States Power Squadron.  The national organization was founded in 1914 and now has 54,000 members in 33 districts across the country.

Commander Osburn gave a power point presentation with information on the three main categories which comprise the functions and activities of the organization:  1) Civic Service Contributions (public boating courses; vessel safety checks; learning guides for GPS, radar, and charting; skipper safety program; boating for kids.  2) Fraternal Activities (rendezvous and raft trips, piloting contests, sailboat races, cruises to other states.  3) Self Education of Members (includes five advanced courses for members, and seven elective courses).

Garry introduced the second speaker, Tony Bell, from the organization of International Optimist Clubs.  At one time Hartwell had one of the largest Optimist Clubs in Georgia and Mr. Bell is interested in revitalizing that club or starting a new club in the area. 

A main focus of Optimist Clubs involves helping children and teens by raising funds for childhood cancer research, mentoring, providing scholarships, and sponsoring Little League teams and a Junior golf program.  Optimist Clubs also partner with other community service organizations to help with blood drives, food pantries, and other volunteer staffed activities throughout the community.

Both speakers welcomed inquiries about membership in their respective organizations.