HCPOA Public Meeting  8-16-21


Board of Commissioners Chairman, Marshall Sayer, spoke to a large crowd of Hart County residents concerning issues related to the expanding population growth in our rural county.  Developers had purchased county land next to the Hartwell city limits but the county had no rules pertaining to some of what the developers wanted to do – i.e. constructing multifamily dwellings on small acreage, permitting road access to these areas, providing water access, sewage disposal, etc.    These issues prompted the developers to ask for annexation to the adjacent city limits, however, county residents already in these areas had many concerns and points of contention with both the annexation to the city and what rules the county needed to implement for future developments.


The Board of Commissioners elected to place a 180 day moratorium on new subdivisions to allow time for determining clear regulations required and also to listen to questions, concerns, and suggestions of current county residents.  The goal of the Commissioners is to maintain the rural, small town ‘feel and culture’ which Hart County is used to and what most people seem to want.


The Commissioners are working on drafting a moratorium but nothing is in its final form as yet.  They definitely want public input and will review everything they receive.  Commissioner Sayer can be reached by email at marshall@hartcom.net  or by phone at 706-961-4415.  (All Commissioners’ names and phone numbers are listed in the Hartwell Sun each week.)  At some point the draft will be in written form and copies will be available for the public.


The process of finalizing an ordinance requires three hearings.  Hearings are opportunities to give input and people can come and give communications and suggestions.  These hearings will be prior to the end of the 180 day moratorium.