Highlights of Meeting on August 15, 2016

Board member, Mike Buckel introduced the evening’s topic, Hart County Financing, by explaining that there are three taxing authorities within the county: the county (represented by the County Commissioners), the school system, and the City of Hartwell.

The school system gets the largest share.

Key points made regarding the school system were:

     1.  The school system currently has a large reserve fund built up by overbudgeting.

     2.  Projects underway at this time include a new Health and Wellness Center

          (gymnasium), a College and Career Academy, and an Agricultural Center.

     3.  Money from the large reserve fund is being transferred for enhancements to some

          of the building projects as well as to the football field and scoreboards, resulting in

          significant amounts being spent on non-academic purposes.

     4.  Based on test scores from the GA Dept. of Education data for 2016, Hart County  

          students did not meet State averages in some areas.

The County has been very frugal with their budgeting in an effort to avoid raising 
property taxes, however, it is reaching the point of significant distress in meeting its obligations due to its lack of reserve funds and underfunded budget.

HCPOA believes there needs to be cooperation between the County and the Board of Education, as too many county needs are not being met.  Needs must be taken care of before ‘wish lists’. 

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