Sheriff Mike Cleveland was our speaker and, as always, presented a very timely and interesting program.  His three main topics were a new jail, local crime information, and an updated report on firearms legislation and news.

1.  New Jail.  Hart County has desperately needed a new jail for many years.  The county spends around $300,000 each year just to house inmates at other jails because we don’t have enough room here and our facilities are very out-of-date.  The Commissioners are beginning the process by looking at five proposals with a total cost ranging from 15 to 17 million dollars.  The new jail will be located near the Whitworth Women’s Prison.  It will have 140 beds plus a booking and evidence room and rooms for medical care, recreation, employee training, and other services.    Financing will come through a group ‘lease to purchase’ which is funded by combined money from all counties to facilitate such projects.

2.  Crime.  Drugs are the most serious problem in Hart County right now.  Much of this comes from groups in the Anderson area and many of the drugs contain Fentanyl which is deadly.  Four young people have died from drug overdoses and Narcon has been used to save several others.  Other crime involves scams, especially with older people.

3.  Firearms.  Sheriff Cleveland said that the United States Constitution, Article 2 will be upheld in Georgia.  The Georgia Constitution prohibits gun confiscation.  Firearm
carry permits are easier to get now than ever and South Carolina now honors Georgia carry permits.   A gun safety course is available through the sheriff’s office.