Meeting Highlights - June 16, 2014

Meeting focus: tax money expenditures relating to the school budget.  

Board member Mike Buckel spoke with members on Hart County Schools’ procurement practices, shortcomings in published policy; Georgia DOE recommended practices and lastly recommendations that HCBOE adopt a procurement policy in accordance with State of Georgia BOE guidelines.

Mr. Buckel’s presentation expanded on the following key topics:

1.   Importance of taxpayers to be aware of school expenditures and procurement as 75% of property tax dollars or about $13 million /year is budgeted for school needs.  BOE responsibility to be a good steward of our property tax dollars as well as funds received from our State and Federal government as this is also our tax money. 

2.  Overview of current BOE procurement policy covering soliciting pricing, contracts and bids requests, and awarding of contracts;

3.  Examination of other Hart County Government agencies procurement policies versus the School Board procurement guidelines;

4.  State of Georgia DOE rules and guidelines for procurement procedures require that local units of administration comply with them.   State of Georgia guidelines encourage all school boards to implement and enforce transparent procurement policies in accordance with their BOE guidelines.
​ Mr. Buckel concluded his program advising of the positive impact the HCPOA has had advising taxpayers of the Charter School system adoption and activity, public awareness of the SPLOST projects:  AG center, CTAE, and new gym, identified water drainage problems and lack of routine maintenance at school facilities, hazards of excessive SPLOST debt, establishment of working groups to develop needs analyses, design requirements and preliminary sketches and cost figures for SPLOST projects.  Mr. Buckel provided an opportunity to clarify and answer questions from the audience at the conclusion of his presentation.

  Dottie Williams, member of the College and Career Academy study group, advised her study group was to meet with architects to understand what can be built to meet with the Board specifications then develop a cost analysis. 

  Mike Buckel advised members of a BBQ and business meeting at the high school gym on Tuesday, June 17, regarding CTAE programs and college career academy grant possibilities.