May 18, 2015

Mr. Wayne Patrick, Hart County Chief Appraiser presented a program on the importance of conducting a complete county review of all property classes.  He defined the difference between reviews and re-valuations adding the purpose of reviews is to assure accuracy of all property records and define problems.  It is mandated strongly in the GA Dept. of Revenue and Appraisers APM manual the need to maintain accurate real property characteristics sufficient to classify and value property every 3 years. 

Using visual aids and color coded maps, he explained land characteristics, design, and field inspections to ascertain additions, improvements or teardowns.  Physical reviews provide clear data resulting in accurate sales ratios.  He defined and explained the terms ratio and uniformity and co-efficient of Dispersion for members.

Mr. Patrick closed by stating all is purposed for mass appraisal procedures, and to assure complete property owner trust, and that appraisers can accurately defend their data.  He welcomed property owners to discuss issues and resolve questions with the appraisers.  A lively question period concluded his program.

Board Member Mike Buckel updated members on several BOE matters:  a.) the Board voted to use the same search firm as previously employed, King, Cooper Associates, to conduct the new superintendent search.  B.)  9 farmers attended the BOE meeting urging that 4H and the Extension service be housed at the AG Center.   After a lengthy discussion, the BOE approved this move; but would not finance it.  Additional monies will be needed to realize this move.