April 21, 2014

Vice President Fogerty welcomed our guest speakers, Tom Hardigree and Lee Brinson, co-hosts of Back Talk Live, to present their thoughts on the SPLOST sales tax referendum.  Tom Hardigee noted the similarity of SPLOST IV to past SPLOST referendums and noted that HCPOA work to educate Hart County voters on SPLOST IV issues has identified elements that require further examination.  

Specifically the Board of Education should address the following:
a)  The gym and its upkeep; b)  Will building a Career Center attract additional industry our County? c)  Can Hart County compete with Anderson’s established career center as a business attractor?

Mr. Hardigee believes it is necessary to make the best use of our SPLOST funds to revitalize the local economy.

Lee Brinson advised the significance of 2.7 million dollars and that smart use of it should be mandatory to increase education opportunities for our students and benefit our community.  He advised that Hart County residents should be informed on the amount and use of all sales taxes.

Our speakers led an audience participation discussion to share concerns and ideas on the topic of funding education in Hart County. 

​ Vice President Bill Fogerty thanked our guests for their lively presentation and those present for their insightful questions.  Vice President Fogerty summarized the discussion stating that local residents primarily pay for SPLOST funding and that property owners are responsible for making up any SPLOST spending shortages.  He stated the principal focus of spending should be concentrated on increasing educational and vocational opportunities for our students.