HCPOA  MEETING   3-15-21


Outlook for Hart County  featuring Brooks Mewborn, CEO of the Hart College and Career Academy, and Dwayne Dye, Hart County Director of Economic Development, gave a correlated presentation of how the Career Academy has promoted the success of new industries in Hart County. 

 Mr. Mewborn spoke of how the Career, Technical, Agricultural, Education (CTAE) program gives students the best education to do whatever they want to do in the future.  There are 14 different pathways to choose from, including healthcare, culinary, welding, computer science, engineering, and marketing.  Many of these do not require a college degree, but others provide a base for further education.  The academy also instills good work habits such as communication and teamwork skills.

 Mr. Dye’s past work with Johnson and Johnson is well versed in what large manufacturing companies look for when deciding where to locate their businesses. 
A key requirement is the availability of a qualified workforce.  The CTAE program has fit exceptionally well into need for ready-to-work employees in Hart County’s growing industries.  At this time 28.8 percent of the county’s economy is from the manufacturing industry.  Most of these jobs are highly technical and graduates from the CTAE program can begin work in well-paying jobs without further training.