Highlights of Meeting on June 20, 2016

Our guest speaker, Garrick Chidester, VP of AnMed Patient Services & Health emphasized AnMed’s long term commitment to Hartwell and that his job was to listen to our concerns for health needs and activities.

He said AnMed was established in 1908 and currently has 5 hospitals in the system. They employ 3,700 and enjoy an excellent managing, stable Board.  They are a not-for-profit organization and are privately, independently operated; one of a few hospitals with such a distinction. They manage Elbert Memorial Hospital and are upgrading services there.  He urged that attendees ask their Georgia insurance payers to add AnMed as a GA certified health provider.

Next was an update on the Highway 29 property purchase and the proposed 23,000 sq. ft. facility expected to be built beginning this August.  It will include an urgent care center, and relocation of the current Hartwell AnMed medical practice to this site, and provide some diagnostic and CT scanning services here. It will not include a senior care facility at this time.

Garrick opened the meeting for discussion and audience input.  Interesting topics discussed were: the certificate of need process for an emergency room; construction of a helipad for our EMS providers to meet the AnMed helicopter for transport to the AnMed Anderson hospital or another.

He discussed how health care is in a transitional basis; and a big issue is Medicare funding.  He stated when GA and SC legislators gave up the funds associated with Obamacare, the States are now forced to make up those funds.  He concluded his remarks by advising AnMed wants to do what they can to develop not only residents’ personal health but the economic health of Hart County.