Highlights of Meeting on March 21, 2016
Board Member Mike Buckel addressed the gathering inviting everyone to attend a meeting with the Corps of Engineers, Lake Hartwell Association, and GA Congressman Doug Collins and SC Congressman Jeff Duncan on March 24, at the Clemson C Administration building on Tiger Blvd., beginning at 10:00 a.m.  Mike urged everyone to attend and support the efforts of Congressman Collins and our association to urge the Corps to understand and be responsive to the concerns of property owners on both sides of Lake Hartwell.

President Garry Hamilton next welcomed the evening’s speakers, District 4 County Commissioner, Ricky Carter, and Vice Chair Frankie Teasley, from District 2.  Ricky began with a brief history of earlier SPLOST funding and advised the County is nearing the end of SPLOST 4.  SPLOST 5 will be a 6 year SPLOST governed by new State regulations.  He stated in recent years the City and County have worked well together on SPLOST issues and explained the division of funding between cities in the county and Hart County itself. 

Key points made by Commissioners Carter and Teasley were:

a. Hart County runs on a pay as you go system and prefers not to borrow funds;

b. The State of Georgia collects the SPLOST dollars and sends it to the County each month for disbursement to the various city and county departments. 

c. Capital improvements are funded by SPLOST dollars; this includes new road projects, economic development, and other infrastructure projects. 

d. Currently, Commissioners are not receiving accountability reports on the SPLOST project expenses after allocating funding for them. 

A lively discussion ensued with the Commissioners concerning needed projects and purposing of SPLOST funds for them with those in attendance.  Expansion of the county water system was of particular interest to most.