Highlights of Meeting on November 16, 2015



David Seagraves, Director of Operations for the Hart County Charter School System, greeted all those in attendance and advised his program was a synopsis of construction progress to date on the high school multipurpose health & wellness facility and college and career academy.  He noted the absence of Jay Floyd, Hart County Superintendent of Schools, was due to mandatory training with BOE members.


Mr. Seagraves advised construction was hampered by the October and November heavy rains but progress has been steady.  Charles Black, construction manager at risk, has been retained.  Dr. Mark Crenshaw is the new College and Career CEO and he is committed to growth and education in Hart County Schools.   


Using a power point program containing artist renderings, Seagraves gave an overview of the interior and exterior design structure of the new facilities.  He advised the campus layout is unified and the appearance improved.  The presentation included a table of projected costs by building trade and the total GMP, or guaranteed maximum price, has been determined at $17,931,777.00.  There have been a few unforeseen problems with water and gas lines and that plumbing, electrical, heating and AC are the biggest ticket costs.  


Regarding the new AG Center, there have been major improvements to the building concept to accommodate the needs of showing animals.  This includes a need to enlarge parking flow to assist in turnarounds for parking of large vehicles and trailers.  The AG building size has been increased and the presentation included layouts of unloading, washdown and preparation spaces.  It also includes a new banquet room with capacity for 300, restrooms, arena with seating, and a room for changing of working attire to that suitable to showing animals.   A revised cost estimate for the new plan is now $2.4 million, an increase over the original estimate of $1 million.


A plan configuration has been drawn for the inclusion of the extension office and 4H at the AG center.  However, a firm decision has not been determined if their facility will be a separate building or may only be roughed in for completion later.


A change in the custodial practices has been established with a manager in place to oversee all the custodial needs, supplies and procedures.  Improved maintenance procedures, training and performance evaluations have been adopted to properly care for the assets of the school system.


Mr. Seagraves concluded his presentation by expressing his willingness to continue sharing new updates on the construction progress.  He feels the new construction should serve the needs of Hart County students well into the future; and graduating students should be employable at well paying jobs right out of high school.