Highlights of Meeting on October 19, 2015

Mr. Herb Burnham, Executive Director of the Lake Hartwell Association discussed issues affecting Lake Hartwell.  He noted the lake is the primary catalyst making nearby communities the fastest growing region in the area.  The lake covers 960 miles of shoreline; and no less than 52 different organizations have some type of regulatory role of Lake Hartwell.  To this end, the Lake Hartwell Association was established to speak as a unit and representative for the interests of lakeside business and residential owners.

Mr. Burnham advised the Lake Hartwell Association has good rapport and a solid working relationship with Corps management.  His discussion included the Intelligent River program, Phase 2 of the Corps comprehensive study examining drought response, and lake draw downs in response to El Nino potential.

He discussed the potential and development of the Great Outdoor Center and advised of the South Carolina DNR review of boating laws to improve safety.  He encouraged everyone to take boat safety courses and supported mandatory boating safety classes for minors and new boat owners. Everyone in attendance was invited to attend the Lake Hartwell Association annual meeting at Chickasaw Clubhouse beginning at 9:00a.m. Saturday, Oct. 24.  Herb also encouraged membership in the Lake Hartwell Association as more members equate to political clout with legislators governing the lake.  Concluding his program, a question and answer period with Mr. Burnham provided lively discussion.