Highlights of Meeting on August 17, 2015

Mr. Jeff English, Interim President of St. Mary’s Sacred Heart Hospital in Lavonia began his program with a brief history of the founding of St. Mary’s Hospital in Athens.  St. Mary’s is currently owned by Trinity Health; and, St. Mary’s Sacred Heart will now have access to the resources and buying power of Trinity Health.  He advised the Lavonia hospital was named in honor of the founding sisters and the proximity of Sacred Heart Church in Hartwell.  After acknowledging the difficulties the former hospital experienced, he stressed that a prominent goal of the new operating team is to earn our trust and inspire employee pride in the facility.

The past 2-1/2 months brought many changes beginning with identifying and triaging the most serious problems in patient care.  These included hiring a new emergency care coordinator, addressing care quality in the emergency room; adopt better organization and registration procedures to timely move patients through the care system, and better communication between hospital care providers and patients’ primary care provider.

Jeff advised they can stabilize heart patients for transfer to another facility and hope to improve their protocol to become a rural heart specialist.  They are implementing and enforcing the core values and policies of St. Mary’s in Athens.  In particular he noted that our community needs will dictate what services this hospital will provide.

He concluded by stressing their goal is to create a healthy community in all nearby counties.  Jeff believes the transition is progressing well and they intend to provide high levels of professionalism and care.