Highlights of November 18, 2013 Meeting

Vice President Fogerty began the meeting asking for a moment of silence in recognition and gratitude of county Commissioner Dan Reyen for his outstanding service to our county.  Board member and SPLOST specialist, Mike Buckel, was recognized for his continued diligence in covering and reporting on SPLOST issues.

Vice President Fogerty gave a brief synopsis of past Savannah River basin issues principally addressing the Savannah River comprehensive study, winter drawdown, Clemson Intelligent River study, and building of 3 new water reservoirs in Georgia.

Next was a brief summary of the 2009, 10, and 11 tax bills and the receipt of final tax bills based on value and the approved millage rate for each year.  Topics discussed included the issue of combined properties, payment due dates, accuracy of figures and millage rates.  Members were advised if they had purchased new property during this period they should contact their closing attorney or bank to determine responsible parties for any tax liability due.  Suggestions were made to review for accuracy the previous paid amounts and the inclusion of an interest charge on a billing.

​ Dr. Bob Techo explained that the county has adopted mass appraisal procedures and that personal property and boat values have been corrected and adjusted per American Boating Association calculations.