HCPOA  MEETING  -  1/18/21


Our guest speaker was Terrell Partain, Hart County EMS Director and County Administrator.  He reported on several areas of current interest in the county.

There are currently over 200 active cases of the COVID-19 virus in the county.

Vaccines are ramping up fairly quickly, with vaccines now being administered at the Public Health Department and other areas will be added soon.  Terrell advised that if you get the virus don’t let your doctor not give you a prescription and send you on your way.  You are the patient and you can demand one or more of the available pharmaceuticals which have been demonstrated to help.  If you end up on a ventilator you are in serious trouble with potential permanent issues.


He also briefed us on the Payne’s Creek Campground, which was scheduled to be closed permanently by the Corps.  Hart County has been able to lease this campground and it will remain open under county management.  This is a full service campground and reservations can be made on the county website.


In other news, the Corps new Shoreline Management Plan becomes effective on March 1st.  Items of interest in the new plan are:  1) Fees remain unchanged.
2) If you have an electrical system on your dock you will be required to have an inspection by a State Certified Electrician done at the time of each permit renewal.  3) The Corps cautions dock owners about installing an irrigation system using lake water as there may be a rule change.