January 19, 2015

Mr. Jerry Cannady, of the Hart County Water & Sewer Authority presented a program on the Plans and Progress of water expansion in Hart County.  He explained the water authority was established by an act of the Georgia legislature in 1992.  Its primary mission is to provide water and sewer service to the unincorporated areas of Hart County.  He made the following points:

. Hart County Water Authority does not treat drinking water or waste water;

. All water is purchased; and two employees manage the water needs for 1400 customers;

. An accounting of water authority accomplishments since its inception was shared.


Mr. Cannady introduced Pat Goran, Water Authority Director, and Mr. Goran advised the process to acquire funding and grants to extend water service.  This included necessary permits, bid requests, and Notices to Proceed, as required by State of Georgia laws which dictate the bid procedure and awarding of same.  

Other specific points made were:

a. The Water Authority is not a part of Hart County Government; 

b. New water service is dictated by hardship needs or by requirements from grant awards;

c. Economic development and progress of the Water Authority is dependent on funds allocated to them   by the County through SPLOST revenue and grant awards.

The presentation continued with a lively discussion of all aspects of costs, future funding and expansion plans.


President Hamilton explained County EMS entry appearing on 2014 County & School tax bills.  This charge is related to Ty Cobb Hospital defaulting and deferring on a $269,000 payment from July 2014 against their 5 year commitment to the county as related to the hospital sale.  Due to this default, the county cannot purchase a needed new ambulance or expand service without the addition of this new EMS charge on our tax bills.