Highlights of Meeting on January 16, 2017

President, Garry Hamilton, began the meeting by presenting a slate of HCPOA Board Members for 2017.  As there were no nominees from the floor, the Board was approved unanimously as presented:  Garry Hamilton, President; Mike Buckel, Vice President; Terry Chenoweth; Bill Fogerty; Connie Hamilton; David Sewell; Dottie Williams.

Tom Hardigree, host of Back Talk Live on local cable Channel 3, shared his 2017 Wish List for Hart County.  He began by stating the fact that in 2016 Hart County’s median annual income dropped to $26,200 and pointing out that this is a significant loss of SPLOST revenue and improvements that will never materialize.

Employing his trademark conservative humor, Tom presented his ‘Wish List’ for 2017.

  -   A cost benefit analysis should be mandatory for all improvement projects.
Board of Commissioners’ budgets should be set by September of each year..

  -  Tax incentives should be initiated by the BOC for residential builders to attract more property owners.

  -  The Hart County Board of Education has a significant reserve, while Hart County property owners continue to be overtaxed.

  -  Tom finds the city refusing to answer interest rate questions and comment on progress on the state park project and Torch project and he chided the City for removing the public comment portion during council meetings.  He encourage residents to expect and demand our elected officials to be transparent.

 A lively discussion followed Tom’s presentation!