HCPOA  Meeting  2-15-21


Our February meeting provided a very interesting look into Hart County’s history.

Mack Martin, of the Hart County Historical Society, brought Nancy Hart (Sarah Lesseur) to the meeting to give us first hand information about life and her experiences in this area before Hart County was formed.  Dressed in clothing common to that era in the late 1700’s, Nancy told about how families managed to keep their families fed and clothed in this sparsely populated area and she showed us several tools and household items used on their farm and in their home.  With eight children, there was much work to be done!


In 1778, curing the American Revolution she and her husband helped defend this area from conquest by the British.  Nancy was a brave and courageous woman throughout her entire life, but is best known for an event when British soldiers appeared at their home wanting information and food.  Nancy provided them with homemade wine to ‘relax’ them while she cooked, sent a daughter to fetch her dad and other men in the fields, collected the soldiers’ rifles and – after having to shoot one - held the rest of the British at rifle point until the men came and took charge.


Be sure to attend a later meeting when Mack Martin will give ‘Part Two’ of this history when Hart County became a county with an actual town and its own money supply.