Highlights of Meeting  on October 16, 2017

The subject was the SPLOST V vote scheduled for Nov 7, with early voting currently underway.

Guests included:

Marshal Sayer    -    County Commissioner, District 3

Brandon Johnson - Mayor, City of Hartwell

Terrell Partain     -   County Administrator

Each guest, in a very professional way, presented a summary of what is planned for the SPLOST funds.  The largest portion of the money ($3.6M) would go to roads and bridges.  The Water and Sewer Authority, for extension of water lines, and the Industrial Development Authority would each get $3.2M.  The County Fire Department would get $1.4M for vehicles and equipment.  Public Safety (Police) would get $1.2M and the Recreation Department is reduced from previous funding levels to $500,000.  The balance goes to the cities of Hartwell, Royston, Bowersville, and Cannon based upon population within Hart County.

The need for a jail was discussed during the Q & A as funding for it is not included in the SPLOST.  The commissioners will handle the jail issue in the near future.  Also discussed was industrial development, specifically the lack of transparency of the deals negotiated and cost/benefit analyses including the impact of additional students on probable new school building costs.