January 13, 2016  

(Congressman Collins will attend the HCPOA meeting 1/18/16)

Congressman Collins Slams Arbitrary Decision by Army Corps of Engineers

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Doug Collins, Chair of the Army Corps of Engineers Caucus, issued the following statement regarding the recent announcement by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that property owners on Lake Hartwell, Lake Lanier, as well as other lakes in the Savannah and Mobile Districts, will be prohibited from drawing lake water for irrigation.

“The Corps claims the changes simply bring shoreline management regulations into line with a federal law that was written back in the 1940’s. Why then, did they allow property owners along these lakes to purchase permits, pumps, and other infrastructure for so many years? This sudden shift in enforcement of the rules is highly concerning, and puts a large burden on property owners who have relied on this system for years. I would like to know why the Corps did not hold a public comment period, or seek ways to engage with the public to rectify the situation. Many residents have spent time and money obtaining permits, installing pumps, and landscaping, and then without notice of a seemingly arbitrary decision, will have to spend more time and money finding an alternative. This decision goes against common sense, and the Corps will need to do a better job of being accountable to the taxpayers who live on these reservoirs. I will be in contact with the Corps on behalf of my constituents to seek a resolution that will not unduly burden taxpayers and will ensure the Corps operates in a more open and transparent way in the future. Additionally, I call on the Corps to publicly explain how this policy change came about, and provide any and all documents leading to this policy change.”